Chapter 7 – Back to the Lists

Cleaning Supplies

·         Square-headed mop (laminate floors) (I have an extra one!!!)

·         Laminate floor cleaner (or just use the vinegar and water solution)

·         Come to think of it….vinegar

Peanut stuff

·         Peanut Sweater

·         Some kind of doggie stair so that Peanut can get up on the bed. (arthritis) 

Little container baskets for…..

·         Peanut stuff

·         Keys


·         Insulation for air conditioner tubing – check out the diameter before going to                the store

o   (you would not believe how difficult it was to locate this…belongs in another chapter)

·         Some kind of lock for one door on screen room

o   I would feel more secure at night if there was one on the inside of this one door.

·         Shop broom.

·         Step stool for the shed. (I’m kind of short.)

Kitchen stuff

·         Wine cork thingie (Don’t leave home without it.)

·         Wine (Don’t leave home without it.)

·         Wine rack (Don’t leave home without it.)

·         Stemware I don’t like that is taking up too much space in my kitchen cabinets

  • (another chapter)

·         Coffee mugs (the former owners left some, but I don’t really like them.)

·         Some kind of net thing for the PVC hamper frame –

  • I think Bed Bath and Beyond might have it, and I have lots of coupons!

Bedroom stuff

·         Some kind of comforter for the sleeper sofa.

o   Maybe down – check Kohls when the 30% coupon arrives.

o   Even with the cute little heater, it’s a bit chilly there at night for my guests.

·         More pillows

·         Pillow cases

·         A small heater

o   Check Aldis

o   There might be one in the bedroom already

 I was afraid this list was going to get longer.  I need put on the creative shopping hat and start looking.  Fortunately, I can find this stuff throughout the winter and bring it up here periodically.  And as the winter extends into spring, guaranteed this list will get longer! For now I have to concentrate on the maintenance stuff – and the wine, of course.  (Don’t leave home without it!)