Being Mindful….Sort Of

OK…I know I’m a klutz (Hell, I got an F in volleyball in high school.)….But I’m not an octogenarian….yet.
Yoga class….I’m trying so hard because I need the flexibility badly.  I cannot bend myself into a pretzel-yet…but I can stretch.  I’ve been attempting yoga for about a month now…big emphasis on attempting.  On better days, my yoga teacher helps me get my uncooperative carcass in the right position, and I stretch as much as I can.  Yesterday, my yoga teacher suggested I start working out in her chair yoga classes because I would get more out of it.  Sorry, I’m not ready for the “sit in place” exercise crowd yet. Not yet, Cookie.  If you know anything about me, you should know I don’t give up.
Step One:  Deep tissue massage…It was wonderful…And my muscles are now responding properly. (And I found a wonderful massage therapist down the street a bit…I think once a month is in order.)
Step Two: Create an exercise space on the “landing.”  At the top of my staircase is an ill-used 10X10 space which has a couple of rocking chairs, an end table,  a mid-century modern lamp,  and a gutted vintage radio cabinet that I use to store cleaning chemicals….(comes in handy when polishing the bamboo floors.)
Move the small TV from the seldom-used spare
bedroom  into the radio cabinet.  (It fits!)
Download the free Yoga apps to the Roku.
Store Yoga stuff in the cabinet or in the conveniently-located linen closet.
Purchase a salt-lamp and a eucalyptus-scented candle for atmosphere.  (I’m going to find an inexpensive water feature as well.)
Start stretching…Mitchell, my dog,  growls at me from a distance, but does not try to interfere with my efforts.
Take that, yoga teacher!!!  Pretzel-pose….Here I come!