Hand-Written Notes for the New Year.

Although emails connect us quickly and tweets convey pithy little messages, a hand-written note that is thoughtfully composed connects us more intimately and deeply. The action of taking pen to paper during quiet moments and writing to one individual creates a contemplative environment. Choosing words carefully, stringing them together into cohesive thoughts, playing with ideas, and squeezing them onto a piece of paper through a well-worn pen communicates a deep caring for the other person.

Too often, our reliance on technology blurs the reality of our human condition. We are not wired like chips. We are wired through our senses. The instant gratification technology offers does not gratify. Rather it isolates and creates an underlying selfishness. Too much too quickly does not nurture a peaceful spirit. Enhancing the spirit through our natural wiring brings us closer to an irrational eternal reality which humanity has recognized as the Deity for eons.

This past year I lost a friend of 53 years. Margaret and I have written to each other since we were 15. She lived in England. I live in the States. We met once. A glorious 10 day vacation. Over the years, we rejoiced, consoled, and journeyed through life through hand-written notes. I will miss her greatly. I will miss the intimacy of our letters in ways I cannot yet fathom.

As the old year transitions into a new year, promises and goals are often set. This year, I hope to increase my note-writing. Personally, I know how it effects me. Hopefully it will evoke a positive response in the receiver. And maybe – just maybe another letter-writer will be born and the Spirit will be blessed.

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