To Do Technology Or Not To Do Technology…That Is The Question

I am really having a tough time deciding about the level of technology I allow to invade TNN.  I rely on a certain amount of it, but I  limit the amount so that the encroaching digital world does not overrun my life – and turn me into some kind of sy-fi human puppet battery zombie thing. 

Smart phones, for example.  I don’t own one, and I don’t want one.  I refuse to be absorbed by the Borg.  Because I am forced to have a communication device for emergency purposes, I have a Tracphone for my car. It serves the purpose, and all I need to do is purchase minutes every so often.  I seldom use it.  Frankly, I don’t even know what my Tracphone number is. 

Cell phones in general irritate the hell out of me.  People walk around glued to their electronic communication devices checking the veracity of every statement made during a conversation, texting during dinner, checking Facebook accounts during religious services. God knows what else.  I am particularly frustrated when guests walk into a home and immediately whip out their phones to converse with boo-foo land.  Aren’t the hosts and other guests worth a tiny bit of attention?  Or worse yet, I hate it when people get hit by cars because tweeting that bff something is more important than looking both ways before stepping off a curb.  Here’s a hint, when you visit me…check your phone at the door and do not take it out until you leave. No telephone call is that important when you are visiting.   No piece of information is that compelling that it needs to be verified at the dinner table. Let’s try and carry on intelligent conversations without constantly checking electronic devices to verify our sanity and intelligence.

Don’t get me wrong, digital information is revolutionary.  It has its place.  Our lives are forever changed because of the Internet.  But let’s understand that electronic devices are merely tools, and  – bottom line – I do need a few electronic tools for TNN. I need my Tracphone, and I  want Internet services so that I can access Facebook, email, my financial software, and Netflix . But I really don’t want more than that.  There are too many other things to do…like read books, write, gaze at stars, walk the dog, and talk to neighbors.  Human things. We remember what human looks like…right?

The funny thing about my love-hate affair with technology is that when personal computers first came on the market, I was all over it.  I can program in BASIC and COBOL. I’ve taken tech classes, created spreadsheets that Ace Hardware Corporation might still be using, and even worked as a programmer for a while.  You would think I would be ok with all this.  Obviously, I’m not. 

I guess I’m old.  I’ve lived without this particular tool for a long time, and I just don’t want to be bothered with it.  If you need to contact me, leave a message…I’ll get back to you.  We are both worth the wait.


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