Chapter 10 – I Can Get A Lot Done in Two Days

I’ve discovered that if left alone with specific tasks –   can get a lot done.  My biggest concern is winterizing Tír na nÓg.  The winterizing guy did his thing.  I have to do my thing. Sadly – I’m not really sure what all of “my thing” is yet.  So I am trying to identify and deal with issues that can be easily resolved in a few days each week.

I have a fenced-in deck with a gate which is perfect for Sir Peanut. But because he is so tiny he easily fits through the gate’s slats and escapes from the relative safety of the deck into the back yard.  In order to discourage his adventurous nature, and still provide him with more freedom than he normally has, I brought some screening from home and stapled it to the back of the gate.  I don’t think he’ll get out of Dodge anytime soon. 

I have this three-season screened  porch. One of the doors does not have an interior lock. And because it is  a three-season room, it has a lot of windows.  It has three walls of windows.  These windows have a vinyl product called EZE BREEZE in stead of glass which are pretty drafty. So I need to accomplish two things. To cure the drafts, install shrink-wrap window insulation for the windows.  To increase security, install a barrel bolt lock on the lockless door. The shrink-wrap plastic was a piece of cake.  The barrel bolt lock is its own chapter.        

Plastic baby caps  in all the outlets stop drafts.  And if I had the time, I would remove the switch plates  and install switch-plate insulation.

I did try to replace the compression thingie on the porch door, but the fitting that came with the new one doesn’t fit on the door jamb. After some research, I realized that I have to buy this part from the manufacturer. This will be another spring chore. 

Raked leaves – of course.  Burned leaves – of course.  Most of the leaves are off the trees, so my efforts are seeming less futile and more effective. I still need to learn how to use the mulcher.

Played around with the ancient tv the seller left.  I brought a digital converter and an antenna from home in order to see if it would pick up any stations.  The antenna picked up five religiously-oriented stations, and the converter worked.  Before purchasing a lot more equipment, I’ll work with what I can bring from home – a booster and two different antennas. The other choice is a smart tv with seasonal internet I can always stream in Netflix, or YouTube, and smart tvs come with network news..  

TNN  is totally wired for communication with the next galaxy.  There are speakers in the ceilings, coax cable all over the place, and AB switches in the kitchen and on the porch.  Apparently, the seller liked his stereo systems, satellite TV, and internet.  I’m not a big fan of cable or dish networks.  I don’t watch enough television to justify that kind of expense.  Antenna is fine.  As long as I can get the news and a few stations…I am quite content.  I really want to rid this place of all the unsightly coax, but I need to get a handle on how the speakers function.   And unless I can use the ugly dish on TNN’s front porch as an antenna for the ancient tv, it will be disappearing this spring as well.  

So  basically I’m coming up with new lists…(of course)

To do Before Winter

  • Kill as many ants in the shed as possible..
  • Stuff cracks in shed with steel will to discourage rodent infestation.
  • Successfully  install barrel bolt lock on interior porch door

 Spring stuff – Relatively Inexepensive

  • Compression thingie
  • Pressure wash deck and skirting…restain
  • Play around with the TV
  • Furnace check
  • Toilet wax ring
  • Propane tank fill up

Long term – expensive

  • Replace rotten wood on shed…Mike said he would help
    • I noticed that a few of my neighbors have their sheds up on concrete blocks.
  • Save for new roof (5 years max)
  • Driveway will probably need to be replaced in a couple of years
  • Shed repair due to fire ant munching
  • Fire pit 

These lists just keep getting longer, but at least I’m getting a better idea of what will be needed to make TNN more my place than the sellers’.  It will take time.  Infrastructure is a lot more important than eye-candy…but the eye-candy is a lot more fun.  Oh well.. Another day, another adventure.




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