Chapter 3 – Lists

I make lists.  Lists for grocery shopping, errands, honey-do lists (even though I’m the honey).  Lists, and lists and lots of lists.  Sometimes I think I might be a little OCD with all the lists.  Things get accomplished with lists.  Lists are very important at Tír na nÓg.

The nearest town is about six miles away.  The nearest grocery store is about eight miles away.  Because I am at the beginning of this adventure, I come to TNN usually with one project in mind.  Clean the shed, clean the gutters, kill the vermin.  Each project takes about a day and requires its own list.

 I’ve discovered that I need to have some things here so that I don’t have to tote it every time I come here.  So far household duplications include Peanut supplies, personal items, coffee, oatmeal, a radio, and eating utensils. Some of the things left by the previous owners are useful – pots and pans, cleaners, cleaning rags, a toaster, garbage bags.  I’m still trying to figure out what’s here, and what is actually needed.  I’ve started a new list.  It’s called the Tír na nÓg list.  It’s divided into two categories.  Extra things I have at home, and things I have to buy.  (The things I have to buy list is getting longer every day.)


·         Safety caps for the outlets. (It’s drafty in here.)

·         Hand tools

o   Hammer

o   Tape measure

o   Ratchet set

o   Screw drivers

o   Electric drill


·         Hand tools I might have to purchase

o   Hand saw

o   Adhesives

o   Wrenches

o   Pliers

o   Palm sander

·         Mobile Hot Spot device  (absolute necessity)

·         TV (maybe…maybe not)

·         Towels

·         Hamper

·         New Peanut leash

·         Broom and dustpan for shed

·         A really good battery-operated camp light…Coleman maybe


I think that about covers it for now.  I know the list will get longer, and could very well beggar me.  However, I have a secret weapon.  I am not proud.  I shop at garage sales, thrift stores, and dollar stores.  I have been known to pick things up from the curb on garbage day and repurpose them.  One of my neighbors described my décor as Early Alley.  Maybe so…But I get compliments…and no one knows my secret.  You would be amazed what you can find if you take your time, have an open mind, and keep your list with you at all times. One of my dearest friends is the chairman of this amazing church rummage sale.  She told me to give her a list, and she would see what was coming in so that it could be put aside.  She’s getting a list very soon.  And I am sure that there will be addendums as the year progresses.  Christmas is coming….hmmmm.



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