Chapter 2 – Peanut the Dog and Tír na nÓg

Peanut the dog is an 8 pound, 14-year-old toy fox terrier with a Pit Bull attitude.  He tries and continues to try to kill motorcycles – parked or moving – on a regular basis. Peanut is in charge of the world.

Driving anywhere with Peanut is challenging.  He prefers my lap to his pet carrier.  And although we’ve reached the understanding that he must sit on the floor of the passenger seat there is no way I’m driving 60 miles with Peanut crying about his  non-lap accommodations.  Not going to happen. There will be a pet carrier whether he likes it or not. 

To accomplish pet-carrier on the day of our departure, I threw a few of  his favorite treats into the carrier.  He entered – (treats are treats), I locked the door and deposited carrier and canine in the car.  Lots of panicked, unhappy Peanut noises for an hour.  Oh well. 

Turns out Peanut is delighted with Tír na nÓg.  New smells, new trees, new dogs, new bed, new toys. To make things even better, a gated accessible fenced in deck – more freedom.  Peanut heaven.

Walking around Woodsmoke is a challenge for both of us.  Peanut likes to take one long walk a day.  He’s good for about a mile.  In my neighborhood, piece of cake.  Well-marked streets, sidewalks, familiar paths, doggy friends.  It’s a little more difficult here.  Never-ending cul-de-sacs, circles, lanes and a meandering main trail destroy my sense of direction.  I rarely get lost. But when I do get lost, I’m really lost.  I get lost in Woodsmoke really fast. One mile becomes two miles in the blink of an eye.  Little dog legs can’t handle it. If it’s getting dark, I can’t handle it.   Long story short, after a while I scoop up the dog, pay attention to lot numbers, cross fingers, and ask directions as needed.

Since we’ve started going up to Woodsmoke, Peanut is showing some signs of separation anxiety.  I don’t know what’s going through his little doggy mind, but if I get in the car to do some errands without him when we’re up there, panic sets in.  Consequently, I try to work my forays into Seneca during his nap cycle.  Pretty much Peanut has an eight cycle day.  Dental chew, nap, morning walk, nap, afternoon walk, nap, play time with mom, sleep.  When he is in sleep mode, Peanut burrows under multiple blankets.  Cozy is good.  Frankly I don’t know how he is aware of anything when he’s napping underneath all those layers.  Despite the layers, despite an unconscious state, as soon as he hears the car, he’s awake, alert and screaming. Unfamiliar surroundings, and mom leaving have triggered something.  Abandonment?  Thank God, this place is manufactured. 

Good news, though …my concerns regarding the pet-carrier have flown.  When Peanut sees it on the living room floor, he runs into it and starts making a nest.  He loves Tír na nÓg.  We’ll figure out the anxiety as we go along.  I’m thinking more treats and more blankets.


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