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Mitchell, Ride In The Car????

Once upon a time, an anxiety-ridden puppy named Mitchell came to live with Dog-Mom in a small village in northern Illinois. Mitchell was so timid, and frightened of Big-Evil- Scary-Dog-Mom, that he cowered in a corner for two full weeks and only came out when Big-Evil-Scary-Dog-Mom brought neighbor Lucy – the westie-bichon -frieze down the … Continue reading Mitchell, Ride In The Car????

Mitchell To The Rescue

Once upon a time, a little dog named Mitchell was afraid of his own shadow, and a dog-Mom named Marianne was totally bereft from grief after having lost her beloved Moose. The two met, and Mitchell went home with Dog-Mom…but he wasn’t real crazy about the situation. .or Dog-Mom….or any other human types for that … Continue reading Mitchell To The Rescue

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